About Us


ASSHJ is an online international open access publication journal with a policy of anonymous peer-reviewing process. As a double-blind academic journal, it will focus on social sciences, and humanities issues and topics to benefit developed and developing countries.

ASSHJ is a quarterly journal (four times a year). Our audience are scientists, practitioners, researchers, policymakers, government agents, NGOs, professionals, academia, and many more.

Manuscripts for publication include original and unpublished research papers in the form of conceptual articles, theoretical and experiential, review articles, case reports, and empirical research papers. All the submitted manuscripts should not be under consideration or review for publication in any journal anywhere. All manuscripts should be prepared in line with ASSHJ template.
All manuscripts should be prepared in line with ASSHJ Manuscript Template, click here.

Scope of the journal

ASSHJ publishes original and unpublished research work in the field of social sciences and humanities research. The journal will focus mainly on the challenges confronting developing nations in the field of social science and humanities.

The scope of the journal will thus, embrace a variety of scholarly fields including history, international relations, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, social works, business, and others. 

The research may be an empirical or theoretical paper and reviewed articles (literature review paper) in the field of social sciences, and humanities in discovering new knowledge and insight on emerging issues affecting developing countries.

We are also interested in promoting interdisciplinary research in social sciences, and humanities to afford academic scholars and researchers with divergent backgrounds the opportunity to share their research experiences, challenges encountered, results, as well as the solutions adopted.


  1. To reinvigorate academic integrity and research quality.
  2. To bridge research knowledge, ideas, and innovation gap through academic publications.
  3. To expand the network of the national and international research community through publications.
  4. To provide an established platform for scholarly collaborations in a global research community.
  5. To provide the platform for research and knowledge sharing between academic researchers, consultants, and practitioners. 


To become a household name and well-known scientific journal for social science and humanities research.

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